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Squatting – helps immediately

Restart of the squatting office

New neccesities, new possibilities

We don’t have to say anything about the ‚current events‘ for you to understand what is meant. That emergency shelters have been closed, the street has become not only a hard, but now also an illegal place to live and that solidary events have but a few have been cancelled, may also be known to you.

Squats are an option for people in need of housing. They help immediately, are very unbureaucratic and, the fact that the city has suspended evictions for half a year, may also be helpful for us.

A counseling for all

The squatting office was and is an offer, to exchange informations, stories, know-how and much more – exept for illegal stuff of course – around the squatting theme. That means we can aswell talk about your plans and questions, as about your concrete wishes, wenn you are thinking to move into a new place. Maybe something comes around!

Flexible format

From now on, we want to be there for and with you again, every thursday 6 to 8 PM

Unfortunately, for the time being, this will not be possible in the previous room anymore. Therefore we have created a new possibility to contact us without risk of infection via the live chat during opening hours.

We are currently looking for ways to make an offline exchange possible. By being creative with the laws and at the same time taking care of security and protection against infections. Therefore the room ABB (Schererstr. 8) will remain as a meeting point where you can knock on the door during opening hours. For individual solutions you can contact us by mail as usual.

Secure exchange

Last year, we had no problems with unwanted visitors, but we had some strange situations due to (understandable) mistrust from both sides. Our estimation: we are currently in a situation of moving events, we have to act offensively now to use this room for manoeuvre. That means for us, we are happy about any notice and we are happy to pass them on.

Every Thursday

18:00 – 20:00

Live Chat


What you can expect at besetzen-office

In the besetzen-office we want to gather information on vacancies in berlin and histories of displacement due to gentrification . You can come to us to report vacant buildings you have noticed in your neigbourhood, maybe you even know more about the ownership structure or the state of the building. By setting up a database we want to bring light in to the effects of gentification to be able to critisise the actions of property managment.

We also have a collection of books and zines on the topic of occupation. We are able to connect you to people who have been involved in the squatting movements in the 80‘s and 90‘s in Berlin, our main focus though are the occupations of the last few years that followed the example of the #besetzen campaign. We want to understand how occupations worked in the past and how they can
be done today. Therefore we want to look at the surrounding conditions, the ways of organizing occupations and the techniques that have proven to be useful.

Also we want to support people who experience repression by law enforcement. Following the occupations in the spring and fall of 2018 a lot of people have been charged with trespassing or other offences. We can connect you to existing support structures. You are not alone in this.

In addition to the fincanial side that comes along with the police repression, activists have also „lost“ stuff like tools, sleeping bags ect. wich is expensive and has to be replaced. We happily accept any kind of donations in the besetzen-office and will pass them on.




If possible send an encrypted mail. If you don’t know how it works you could visit one of the Crypto-Parties in Berlin.

Key and Fingerprint: 72FB 7C3C 0DE3 0C00 2F09 4736 F7A6 9930 DCE6 8E2D